Rostra BackZone Pro Backup Sensor Rear Bumper Parking Assistance System for Cars and SUVs


Rear Bumper Parking Assistance System for Cars and SUVs

Introducing BackZone Pro (250-1903-BZPRO), Rostra’s latest innovation in vehicle parking assistance systems. Developed specifically for passenger cars and designed around the reliable components that customers have come to expect from the BackZone name, BackZone Pro advances the usability of the product line by easing installation and providing options for audio-visual or audible-only object detection alerts through the included dashboard or visor mountable display or a standalone buzzer. Key features of this new system include the following:

  • Audible/Visual Display: The BackZone Pro includes a dashboard/visor mount display with a smaller overall footprint designed to more seamlessly blend into a vehicle’s interior.
  • Flush-Mount Sensors: stylish, low-profile ultrasonic sensors allow you to keep the factory fit and finish of your vehicle while adding an extra dimension of driving safety.
  • Safer Parking Decisions: Make safer parking decisions by using a BackZone Pro automotive parking assist to alert you to obstacles closing in on your vehicle while parking.
  • Ultrasonic Detection: BackZone Pro’ advanced ultrasonic-based technology means the system offers consistency on targets of all densities with fewer false alarms.
  • Audible Alarm: The audible alarm included in each BackZone Pro automotive parking assist kit provides a unique way of alerting drivers to nearby unseen obstacles.

Package Contents:

  • Drilling template for accurately aligning sensors to bumper.
  • Four flush-mount ultrasonic sensors with paintable bezel.
  • Four rubber insulator sensor sleeves for use on steel bumpers.
  • Four under-bumper mounts for mounting beneath bumpers.
  • Stainless steel under-bumper mounting hardware.
  • 8-foot sensor to control module extension harness.
  • BackZone Pro control module with advanced firmware.
  • Dashboard/Visor audio-visual display.
  • Standalone buzzer with 19’ extension harness.
  • 21.5 mm hole saw for use with sensor-only installation.
  • 24.5 mm hole saw for use with rubber insulator installation.
  • Two-wire harness for making power and ground connections.
  • Two quick splice connectors for use on power and ground wires.
  • Cable ties for securing extension harness to vehicle body.
  • Four 6-degree angled sensor bezels for angled bumper covers.
  • Four 12-degree angled sensor bezels for angled bumper covers.
  • 3M VHB mounting tape to secure control module in place.
  • 3M VHB mounting tape for securing dashboard display in place.