Here are some of the many services we offer related to car electronics.
If you don’t see what you need listed, don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire!

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Upgrades: Integration to Factory Stereo

Several vehicles already have a screen display that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be added to! Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be added to the factory infotainment system on most models of the following makes:

If your vehicle already has a screen display and you are wondering if you can add Apple CarPlay/Android Auto to the existing setup, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

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Backup Camera Installation

We have several ways of adding a backup camera to your vehicle:

  • Integration to factory display: On some vehicles we can integrate the backup camera to the factory display. If your car already has a factory display screen, please stop by or inquire about your specific vehicle using our installation quote form.
  • Integration to aftermarket touchscreen stereo: If you have an aftermarket touchscreen stereo or want to install one, we can add the backup camera directly to that as well.
  • Display and camera combo: Another option if you want a simple backup camera setup is to have a dedicated display for the backup camera either on your dash or using one of our rear view mirror monitor and backup camera combo systems like the Acumen XR10. This option also functions as a dashcam and will record both the front and rear views!


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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Upgrades: Factory Stereo Replacement

On most cars, we can replace the factory stereo with a modern touchscreen that enables Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to use some of your favorite apps like Maps (Apple Maps/Google Maps/Waze), Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Messages, and more. Changing out the factory stereo to a more modern touchscreen also has the added benefit of improving the factory audio system with more volume and clarity. 

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Hardwiring for DashCams, Radar Detectors, & Other Accessories

Avoid plugging items into the cigarette lighter port and cluttering your dash with visible wiring. Allow us to instead safely hardwire electronics like your dashcam and radar detector to your car’s fuse panel and conceal the wiring professionally so your dash looks neat and tidy! 

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Sound System Upgrades

We carry some of the best brands of car audio equipment available, including: Alpine, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, Pioneer, JL Audio, Polk Audio, Infinity, JBL, and more. From speakers to amplifiers we can dial in your audio experience to the next level.

Changing out your factory speakers allows for enhanced clarity and adding an amp can take it to the next level with increased overall volume and tuning. Let us know what car you drive and the type of music you listen to and we can help tailor a package that will suit your specific needs!

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Security Alarm System Installation

Having a solid layer of theft prevention for your car is so important these days. We carry and install only the best car alarms by Viper, Python, and Avital to help put your mind at ease. We carry:

  • Standard 1-way security systems that monitor the doors, have a high decibel siren, feature a theft deterrent flashing cabin LED, shock sensor, and more
  • 2-way security systems that will notify you on the LCD remote transmitter if the alarm is triggered
  • Remote start security systems that allow you to start the vehicle remotely to heat up/cool down the cabin before you enter. Great for Winter/Summer  months!
  • A Smartphone add-on is also available. This allows you to control the alarm, get notifications on alarm status, and track the real time GPS location of your vehicle from the convenience of your smartphone. 
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Bass (Subwoofer) Upgrades

Hearing your favorite songs with good bass really rounds out your audio experience. Unfortunately, most cars (even cars that come with a factory installed subwoofer) generally have weak bass output. Adding an aftermarket subwoofer truly allows your sound system to come alive and lets you FEEL the music, rather than just hear it.

If your car didn’t come with any type of subwoofer and you have your bass settings turned up in your factory radio, you are the perfect candidate for a subwoofer. Essentially your factory speakers will never be able to produce the the true, deep bass that a subwoofer can. Speakers just aren’t meant to produce those low frequencies like a true subwoofer can! 

We can get you the best bass setup for your needs:

  • Want a modest boost in bass without sacrificing any space? Go with an under-seat mounted subwoofer that is out of the way.
  • Want a more substantial boost in the bass department? Go with a clean amplified subwoofer setup that not only saves space, but packs a serious punch.
  • Want to hear your eardrums rattle and feel your heart pound? Go with high wattage subwoofer or dual subwoofer package.

Get in touch and let us help you add bass to your system!

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GPS Tracker System Installation

Whether it’s your personal car or your fleet of vehicles, we can install GPS tracker/locators that you procure or we can also provide a system that we recommend.

GPS tracker/locators are beneficial for those that want to keep tabs on where their car is at any given time. It can be for personal or business purposes. We hardwire the tracker and conceal it so it is not visible inside the vehicle.

We carry the Viper SmartStart. It can be installed as a standalone GPS tracker so you can use the Viper SmartStart app on your smartphone to get the exact location of your car at any given time. When paired with a compatible car alarm that we carry, it can also allow you to control the car alarm from your smartphone (lock/arm and unlock/disarm) as well as get pinged with a notification on your phone whenever the alarm is triggered. 

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