Viper 5706V 2-way Long Range Remote Start Alarm System (INSTALLATION INCLUDED FOR MOST VEHICLES!)


DEAL ENDS MARCH 1st 2024. 

NOTE: Some vehicles may require additional parts/labor, please call/visit/message us for exact pricing for your vehicle. Also note we do not do remote start installations on manual transmission vehicles.

Viper Model 5706V Security Features:

  • A comprehensive remote start/security system: Viper’s Responder LC3 (Model 5706V) 2-way security system will deter most criminal attacks against your vehicle and the property you keep inside it — you’ll feel safe and secure no matter where you park. And its remote start capability makes your life a lot easier, especially in the dead of winter or the middle of the summer.
  • Start your engine remotely: You can start your car from up to a mile away with the 5706V’s remote start feature. Just push a button on the keychain remote, and your car will be warmed or cooled to your liking when you get to it.
  • The 5706V system is also compatible with any Viper SmartStart module, which allows you to start your car via your smartphone with no limit to the range.
  • Remotes that reach up to a mile away: Viper includes a control center in this security package that includes a valet switch, a bright blue LED status indicator that tells would-be thieves that there’s a security system onboard, and a special RF receiver and antenna, which extend your remote’s range up to a mile.
  • The system includes two remotes: a 5-button 1-way transmitter, and a 2-way remote transceiver which gives text messages, plays confirmation and warning tones, and displays your car’s security status on its LCD screen. Optional replacement remotes are available if you lose one or want a spare.