2021-2023 Model 3 Speaker Activation Service


SR+ and RWD Tesla Model 3’s between 2021-2023 come with inactive speakers! Tesla has installed the speakers, but has not connected them, so they are just sitting there and not being used. Thankfully, we can activate the inactive speakers for you! This service is $299 for models in the year range 2021+ and includes the necessary wiring harness specific to your model.

Would also highly recommend pairing this procedure with the NVX model 3 Boost Bass Package: Link
The combo of activating the speakers and adding the subwoofer makes you feel like you are sitting front and center at a concert with phenomenal, full sound and true bass. It’s quite the upgrade! If you do both the speaker activation service and bass package installation at the same time, we will discount the total by $50!

Please get in touch with us by using our contact form/calling us during business hours to get this process started!